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BRAND is what you stand for, your trade reputation.

             Resulte Universal, LLC - Dallas, Texas



Brand is the essence of your company – your products, people, services and culture. It's what you stand for in the customer's mind. It has as much or more to do with the emotional experience customers have when they interact with you as it does with product performance.  "Brand" is really about customer perceptions – and how you are differentiated from the competition.




             Genlyte Thomas LLC - Louisville, KY 



Corporate image is what others see as you market your goods and services in the marketplace.  Image matters, but brand impact is the only thing that counts. Brand impact captures imagination first, and then, good will.



      Big Wave Net Ventures  LLC - Dallas, TX

Products and services are becoming more and more alike. It’s increasingly easy for one company to design around another’s innovation. The ability to stand out in the marketplace can mean the difference between a company thriving and merely surviving.  In order to stand out a company needs vision, a core purpose, a meaningful brand: a big idea.










People don’t want to just buy a product.

They want to buy into an idea.


      Lone Star Technologies, Inc. - Dallas, TX


STAND FOR A BIG IDEA.  A big idea should be unconventional: conveying a sense that things can be done in a new way, that the world can be changed. It has to be appealing to the hearts and minds of people, it must be understood to be true and relevant. Finally it has to be tangible:  BRAND - what you stand for – must be detectable in everything your company does – in advertising, market image, products and community relations.




                   "BIG TEX" icon and servicemark of State Fair of Texas - Dallas, Texas




Brand and good will are symbolized by trademarks.  Protection of these valuable assets is assured by registration in the U.S. Trademark Office and with the U.S.

Customs Service. Registration gives legal notice of exclusive trademark rights, and opens the door to enforcement actions in our federal court system.







Trademark law, by restraining others from using a producer’s mark, reduces uncertainty and disappointment in the marketplace by quickly and easily assuring the customer that this item - the item with this particular brand - comes from the same source as other similarly marked items that he or she liked (or disliked) in the past. At the same time, it assures that the producer (and not an imitating competitor) will enjoy the financial rewards and customer good will that result from hard work, quality practices and high standards.





               Statlab Medical Products, Inc. - Lewisville, TX






It is the source-distinguishing ability of a trademark - brand identity - that makes it possible for customers to differentiate and choose, and for the originating producer to keep its promise to its customers




                CDS InternationalL Holdings, Inc. - Boca Raton, FL



A successful brand idea requires a compelling, yet simple and powerful message people will hear, recognize and respect.






At Griggs Bergen, we help our clients select and register distinctive trademarks that stand out and make winning statements about their innovative products and services.  See  more  about our trademark selection and registration services.


             Griggs Bergen LLP - Dallas, Texas

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