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   Fiber optics  technology

Fiber optic technology is a relatively new way of sending and receiving information over great distances - by laser light pulses transmitted through glass fibers as the data carrier. Instead of electrical signals, modulated light pulses are used to quickly transmit data with large bandwidth.  Data transmission rates in excess of 10 Gbps are already possible, making it the ideal cable technology for broadband networks.

In other applications, fiber cables are composed of glass, silica fiber, or plastic.  Silica fiber is used mainly for high power applications, and plastic is used for specialty lighting effects and for isolating sensitive systems from the threat of high voltages.  Neither silica nor plastic is capable of sending data streams over long distances because of their inherent impurities.  Instead, specialty high purity glass fibers are used.


Fiber optics is currently the preferred technology for long distance communications. It provides much faster data transfer speeds because  photons of light are not susceptible to data-slowing interference and can travel farther when compared to traditional interconnection media such as copper wire.


The signals cannot be disrupted by outside forces such as electricity, rain, humidity, or other things that tend to interfere with signals conducted over conventional copper wire.  Fiber optic cables are ideal for volatile environments because there is no fear of spark damage should they break as there is with traditional copper wiring.  Fiber optic systems offer high security because they do not induce or emit any external energy.


 Representative fiber optics patents:           

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U.S. Patent 6,880,219   "Method of installing Y-branch splittable connector"


U.S. Patent 6.879,760   "Installation bundle with spacer"


U.S. Patent 6,848,541   "Optical cable installation with cable lubricator"


U.S. Patent 6,811,307   "DTS measurement of HV cable temperature profile" 


U.S. Patent 6,711,328   "Installation bundle with spacer"


U.S. Patent 6,682,052   "Optical cable installation with mini-bend reduction"   


U.S. Patent 6,619,697   "Y-branch splittable connector"  


U.S. Patent 6,572,081   "Installation of guide tubes in a protective duct"   


U.S. Patent 6,160,938   "Concentric lay stranding for optical fiber cable"    


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