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   Manufacturing processes

Origins of manufacturing technology

Manufacturing dates back to 5000 - 4000 BC and began with the production of various articles made of wood, stone, ceramic and metal. The materials and processes first used to shape those products by casting and hammering have been gradually developed over the centuries, using new materials and more complex operations, at increasing rates of production and higher levels of quality.


The first materials used for making household utensils and ornamental objects included metals such as iron, copper and gold. These were followed by silver, lead, tin, bronze and brass. The production of steel in about AD 600-800 was a major development. Since then a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals have been developed.


Modern materials used in the manufacture of advanced products, such as computers and manned spacecraft, include engineered or custom-made materials with unique properties, such as ceramics, reinforced plastics, composite materials and specially alloyed metals.


Today, industrial manufacturing processes are focused on better utilization of raw materials and energy, integration of design and manufacturing activities requiring the invention of appropriate new manufacturing processes and techniques, unmanned production dependent on efficient and reliable control of various processes including intelligent processing, and the adaptation of new materials in industrial production. 


Such advances in manufacturing processes allow us to apply our intellect and reach far beyond our physical limits, making possible many new products that promise to improve the quality and convenience of modern living.



Representative patents:                         Download Adobe Acrobat reader PDF


U.S. Pat. 6,869,624 - "Process for stabilizing Aloe Vera gel"

U.S. Pat. 6,860,989 - "Make-up water re-circulation in slurry processing unit"

U.S. Pat. 6,487,949 - "Just-in-time bulk rubber bale processing"

U.S. Pat. 6,367,763 - "Test mounting for grid array packages"

U.S. Pat. 6,337,119 - "Production of substrates for data bearing films"

U.S. Pat. 6,086,150 - "Fabrication of vinyl coated pool chair"

U.S. Pat. 5,705,140 - "Process for transforming halogenated refrigerant gases"

U.S. Pat. 5,628,261 - "Method  for decomposing solid waste materials"

U.S. Pat. 5,536,206 - "Articulated duct fume collection and exhaust system"

U.S. Pat. 5,435,433 - "Dual belt conveyor with product isolation"


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