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  Patent search investigations

Our patent searching practice:

novelty - patents and published applications related to a specific target invention.  Novelty searches provide a general overview of relevant patents that could be used to block or limit patent claim coverage for a particular invention. These searches give a preview of the relevant prior patents that the Patent Examiner may find, and thus provides the basis for a patentability opinion as well as a petition for accelerated examination.  An analysis of the search results will indicate the possible scope of claim coverage available for the target invention.


validity - patents and printed publications that anticipate or render obvious patent claims.  Validity searches are typically used for infringement defense purposes by a defendant to evaluate the claim credibility of an adverse patent. The patent owner may also conduct a post-grant validity study before asserting the patent against a competitor.


Validity searches may also be used to thoroughly evaluate an acquisition patent before taking an assignment or license. The claim elements of the subject patent are compared with the disclosures of prior patents and other references published before the filing date of the subject patent. We search for references that disclose the identical combination of elements recited in the independent claims of the subject patent.


infringement - active patents and published applications that claim a particular method or product. Infringement searches look for an active patent or published application having claims that could be used to exclude others from importing, manufacturing, using, selling or offering for sale a specific product, process or service.  Infringement searches are intended for those planning to commercialize a particular product but who wish to investigate the potential of infringing third party intellectual property rights before doing so.


right to practice - includes an infringement search in addition to expired patents that may provide a safe harbor for a specific product, process or service.


technology collection - patents and printed publications related to a particular concept or industry.  Collection searches show functionally equivalent means of accomplishing a comparable result, and typically include both expired and unexpired patent references. Indicates the general state of technology in a particular industry.  Avoids duplicating existing research.


assignee - patents and published patent applications assigned to a particular company or individual.  The assignee search identifies the patent position of competitors and reveals the technology areas in which they have been working.  A competitor’s published patent applications may indicate new products that are likely to be launched.


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