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Lead frames for packaged semiconductor devices

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   Semiconductor technology

Origins of semiconductor technology

The last half century has brought about an ongoing miniaturization of electronic circuits by placing a large number of devices on a common semiconductor substrate for performing a complex electronic function on a single chip (monolithic integrated circuit). Jack St. Clair Kilby of Texas Instruments invented the first integrated circuit, realized in prototype as a bistable multi-vibrator circuit (flip-flop) in which all of the components were organized and fabricated on a single wafer (chip) of germanium half the size of a paper clip, complete with interconnects and I/O terminals.


A patent application on that pioneering invention entitled "Miniature Semiconductor Integrated Circuit" was filed on May 6, 1959 and granted on December 24, 1963 (U.S. Patent 3,115,581).


Today, manufacturing costs per unit circuit function continue to drop. Combined with software engineering and new materials for digital information storage, integrated circuit technology is one of the main driving forces of the current revolution in computers, information processing and communications. Semiconductor devices have also found their place in the field of electrical power equipment, controlling the flow of relatively high currents in high voltage environments and controlling high power drives.


The application of semiconductor technology in the joint processing and transport of energy and information offers opportunities for applications in many new fields, for example medical equipment, machine control, chemical process control and process simulation. Since the trend towards increased complexity of electronic equipment at low cost is still underway, many important developments in semiconductors are expected in the future.



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5,294,829     IC package having direct attach backup battery

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5,161,304     Method for packaging an electronic circuit device

5,153,710     Integrated circuit package with laminated backup cell

5,089,877     Zero power IC module

5,019,724     Noise tolerant input buffer

5,005,158     Redundancy for serial memory


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