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Technology searching


Documenting the state of technology (the "prior art")

The importance of a thorough document search cannot be overstated. Searches can be invaluable aids to decision making in the intellectual property field, primarily on issues relating to invention novelty, patent validity, infringement and right to practice.


Many times, technology searching can provide conclusive proof of the existence of known technologies. The existence (or lack) of relevant prior art can often be a reliable indicator of the likelihood of success or failure in the Patent Office, in the federal courts and in the marketplace.  For example, a good document search may discover published documents, for example U.S. patents, foreign patents and technical journal articles that can be used defensively to prove the invalidity of a patent that is being asserted by one competitor against another.


The first step in performing a productive search is to define the "target" and pinpoint exactly what is being sought.  Thus, technical knowledge is crucial in helping the searcher to visualize the target, so that on beginning the search and entering the document collection, the searcher can immediately focus his attention on the target (e.g., by using the right combination of keywords) and thoroughly screen the most relevant documents.


Once the technical features of interest have crystallized into an image of the target, the searcher must know where to look for the information and how to utilize the database tools that are at his disposal.  There are many public and private database companies that specialize in patent-related publications as well as general scientific and technical publications.  In order to perform comprehensive but efficient searches, it is important to have good working knowledge of the data bases that are at hand.


All of our technology searches are performed using carefully selected database collections (proprietary as well as public) that enable us to perform keyword searches efficiently and effectively.  See Patent Search Investigations to learn more.


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