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Chemical Patent Practice


Origins of chemical technology

In ancient times, activities such as brewing, soap making and alchemy involved applications of primitive chemical processes.  Fundamental principles of science were first applied to large scale industrial chemical production during the Industrial Revolution when basic chemical processes such as distillation and filtration were practiced on a large scale.


The development of organic and physical chemistry along with the science needed to understand, design and operate industrial plants led to the identification of unit operations that include distillation, filtration, crystallization and extraction.  Thermodynamics and chemical kinetics later became integrated in the field of chemical process technology, along with heat and mass transfer, fluid flow and equipment design.  Applied mathematics and computers became increasingly important tools for the analysis and design of chemical processes.


Modern chemical process technology

More recently, chemical process technology has diversified considerably and now includes biochemical and biomedical engineering, polymer engineering, environmental engineering and interfacial (materials) engineering.  The availability of faster computers has made possible important advances in process control and simulation.


These days, chemical process technology ranges from optimizing traditional unit operations to "engineering" on the molecular level in fields as diverse as biosensors, chemical vapor deposition for computer chips and liquid crystal display devices.


Representative chemical process patents:             

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6,706,822    Production of polyethylene resins for use in blow molding

6,657,025    Production of ultra high melt flow polypropylene resins

6,610,792    Polypropylene copolymers

6,579,922    Polyolefins and uses thereof

6,504,076    Conversion of heavy aromatics

6,497,813    Solvent extraction refining of petroleum products

6,433,095    High density multimodal polyethylene

6,428,686    Two phase hydroprocessing

6,348,272    Polyolefins and uses thereof

6,297,312    One-pack adhesion coatings for thermoplastic olefins


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